Кati Lukk – Professional Real Estate Agent, License nr KKM190527

Kati has long-term experience in finance and has been involved in conferences, events, tourism and beauty. Kati came to real estate in 2017, when she started her studies at the Tallinn School of Economics as a real estate broker. By today, she has acquired a Real Estate Broker Level 5 License. Kati is a person with good communication skills and a positive attitude towards life, who likes to do her job with dedication and heart. The passion for her job is what sets her apart and gives her the motivation to sometimes work very long hours when the situation requires it. She is determined and conscientious and always ready to solve all problems and concerns creatively.



Tel: 5140145

Veronika Nikolenko-Saar – Certified Realtor, Certificate No. KMR 66155

She has a long experience in the real estate industry and considers it as her favorite activity! She can be described as a broker, who always stands for the client´s best interests. Veronika considers her strength is the ability to balance client’s possibilities and desires. She is strongly motivated by the chance to make successful deals, where both parties are happy despite the potential conflict of interest. Over the years, Veronika began to realize, that most people are irrational, when it comes to real estate decisions. They are often driven by emotions and people do not always weigh all the arguments for and against. Therefore, it is very important to have a neutral opinion on this matter, a neutral consultant, who gently outlines all the pros and cons. As a rule, real estate transactions are caused by various changes in the client’s life, and not only pleasurable, therefore the broker must be sensitive enough with the client and in every situation to act in the best interests of his client and to protect him!



Tel: +372 5081 919

Kristina Kollin – Real Estate Agent

Christina has 20 years of experience with clients. It is very important for her that the work is successfully completed and completed in the shortest possible time. She always hears her client and is very glad when her client is satisfied and happy. Her professional portfolio includes many successful real estate sales transactions for private clients and work with developers. Many interesting courses have been taken on the art of selling and the professional presentation of an object. You can safely trust her and with her all your dreams related to Real Estate come true!



Tel: +372 505 8696

Olga Andla – Real Estate Agent

Veronika Vesterinen – Real Estate Agent